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Valérie S - 17 May 2017

"Our experiece with Valarie wase xcellent. She carefully explained as she showed us the development of Tours over the centuries. She took us to see many interesting historical buildings and finished the tour by showing us local specialities at the Les Halles food market. Overall a very interesting, informative and enjoyable experience."

Gary de Warrnambool

Laura P - 17 August 2017

"Participating in the greeters program was one of the highlights of my trip to France. My stroll with Laura was fantastic and I had lots of fun with her as she was super friendly and made me feel comfortable during the whole walk. Even though I was exhausted from my trip from Brazil, she was empathetic and made sure I was feeling well throughout the day - she bought me one of the best milkshakes I have ever eaten. Besides all that, she made her homework to show me around and knew a lot of fun and historical facts about the town and the places she has taken me to visit. Not surprisingly, I fell in love with Tours and am definitely visiting again when in France, probably even choosing to stay a few days longer. Thank you, Laura! I will be waiting for your visit in Brazil!"

Nathalia de .

Sylvie G - 02 October 2016

"My apologies for having taken this long to respond to this request for evaluation. Please do not take this delay in responding to the request as an indication that we were not satisfied with the stroll we took with Sylvie in downtown Tours. Sylvie was in my estimation the perfect (guide) match for the kind of stroll I expected us to have. She provided a very thought provoking (time appropriate) insight /s to how current issues are shaping the city and its residents. Right from the start I knew that we made a good decision to avail of the services of Tours Greeters. Meeting Sylvie was like coming face-to-face with someone you've hoped to come across (for lack of a better word). She was upfront in saying that she's not a professional tour guide! That admission alone earned our respect for her even more. I gained perspective based on our stroll that Tours is not just a stop or starting(end) point to the Loire Valley. It is much like any other traditional French city with an enviable location, without the hassle of the madding crowd. It's like discovering a gem of a place where you least expected it (almost all the guidebooks I read told me to skip it!). It's like a welcome oasis on a hectic trip. The city’s architecture came alive with Sylvie's knowledgeable insights. Armed with her ubiquitous reading material :) she took us downtown for a stroll pointing out interesting landmarks ---without her guidance, we would not have quite appreciated. The two hours we shared with her was very entertaining and she made living in the city very appealing. Our appreciation of the city would not have been complete without the thoughtful insights Sylvie shared with us. Tours was made more special by a local whose appreciation for it makes one want to live or move there too! She was very lively, patient and accommodating. She's a good ambassadress for Tours. Kindly relay our heartfelt gratitude (though a very belated one!) to Sylvie for everything! Based on our experience with Sylvie…I highly recommend the services of Tours Greeters' to anyone who's looking for depth and cultural understanding when they travel. P. S. Hoping for an election outcome that benefits the country and its people. "

Camposano de Los Angeles

Valérie S - 19 June 2016

"We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our tour with Valerie, she was so friendly, tremendously informative and a delight to be with! Would love to meet with her again when we return. Thank you Valerie for sharing your day with us!!!"

Kathy de Cypress

Elsa M - 08 June 2016

"Great friendly greeter. Became like a friend within the 3/3:30hrs we spent. Had an amazing time. Got to know quite a bit about the city. Couldn't have asked for better:)) Suggestions d'amélioration visiteur : You are the best :))"

Tej de Maharashtra Mumbai
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