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is a greeter ?
a greeter
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A free service provided by volunteers wishing to promote cultural exchange, Greeters establish ties between the cities  and the people who live and visit there. As a result, residents are able to experience their city differently and visitors get a better feel for the city and enjoy it on a more personal level.
Greeters are popping up all over the world.

It’s a new way to discover 
Tours, Rochecorbon, Chinon, Loches, Sainte Maure de Touraine, Amboise


Have a great jaunt!

photo4 photo6 photo7 photo10 photo12 Greeters of Loire Valley Loire Valley Greeters

with Valérie S

Our experiece with Valarie wase xcellent. She carefully explained as she showed us the development of Tours over the centuries. She took us to see many...
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If you are disabled, you are definitely welcome to take part in our greets.
Our Greeters will be happy to take you on a private visit or include you on a group visit with a maximum of six people.
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