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If you are disabled, you are definitely welcome to take part in our greets.
Our Greeters will be happy to take you on a private visit or include you on a group visit with a maximum of six people.
Our Greeters can adapt visits to accommodate any disability so that they are an accessible and fun learning experience.
To do so, you need to indicate your disability as clearly as possible when you are completing the request form and if necessary, indicate any specific constraints and needs you may have in the comment section. It is important to note that we do not provide transport to and from the visit meeting and end points. If you are not completely independent, you should bring a person to accompany you.
Once the visit is accepted, you will be in contact with the Greeter by e-mail to determine how the visit will be adapted to your needs. We hope you’ll join us since our aim is to offer this original experience with Tours Greeters to everyone, without discrimination.

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